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excursion by boat on Garda Lake

Ormeggio Canale Est Rocca
Riva Del Garda (TN) - Italia

P. IVA 02200150221

Cell. (+39) 329 3570047
Fax (+39) 0464 552089


Speedy Gonzale I - SPEEDY GONZALE RIVA DEL GARDA: escursioni giornaliere sul Lago di Garda

Photo gallery

We present you a photo gallery whit the magnificent lake of Garda.
The cuisine pays homage to this splendid land: olive oil and lemons are fruits of this generous land and tourist, have the possibility to taste lake fish and meat whit polenta (traditional food).


6 hour excursion

SPEEDY GONZALE RIVA DEL GARDA: escursioni giornaliere sul Lago di Garda

Riva - Limone - Malcesine - Riva

From Sunday to Friday  111

Departure from Riva del Garda at 11:00 o\\\\\\\'clook in the direction of Limone(30 minuets trip) Here the first stop 2 hours . The next stage of the joyrney is to Malcesine situated on the eastern shore dominating the...   read more

Excursions - times

1° itinerary:

Riva (Torbole) - Limone - Riva (Torbole)
Duration: 2h e 30 min about (including stop)

2° itinerary:

Riva(Torbole) - Malcesine - Riva(Torbole)
Duration: 3h about (including stop)

3° itinerary:

Riva(Torbole) - Limone - Malcesine - Riva(Torbole)
Duration: 4h e 30 min about (including stop)

4° itinerary:

Riva - Limone - Malcesine one way
Duration: 2h e 30 min about (including stop)

5° itinerary:

Riva(Torbole) - Garda - Riva(Torbole)
Duration:6h about (including stop)

6° itinerary:

Riva(Torbole) - Limone - Isola del Garda - Sirmione
- Malcesine - Riva(Torbole)
Duration: morning + afternoon

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* night excursions from May to September

Info & bookings

(+39) 329 3570047
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